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Lyminal is a research and development Micro ISV focusing on the field of Computer Science pursuing active experiments in systems programming, cryptography, cyber security, program optimization, and open-source software.

m i s s i o n .

Lyminal is a label under which we share the successful experiments with the world by means of a product/project while making the failed ones a free and open-source educational resource.

Our experiments include modern techniques and approaches to problems in the above stated fields and sharing the statistics that speak for itself. An example of the modern approaches we experiment at Lyminal is that majority of our infrastructure, software, and internal tooling are written in Rust and Zig because we believe in the advantages and future of these programming languages.

l a b s .

The products under Lyminal Labs are formed from a branch of our research, these are for further testing and in-production experiments (chaos engineering) or sometimes just for fun.

p l a n .

We are going to start with some products conforming to SaaS (Software as a Service) and Licensed Software like Desktop & Mobile Apps where each of these projects have an ulterior motive -- experimenting with unorthodox and modern ways to solve large-scale problems, be it by the means of basic algorithms, data structures, or a from-scratch hypervisor. Publishing these products gives us two results - revenue and statistics. These results are then shared as free and open-source information.

f i n .

As of now, Lyminal is an experimental project starting with research in computer science. We hope to contribute to other interesting fields in science that led to this beautiful chaos, although, who knows what the future holds. With the power of the Internet, our passionate love for the scientific method, and the philosophy that information should be free, we hope to make an impact on how we perceive the world. Just like the name says, this is just the initial stage.